About Binzomah Tech Company

Binzomah Tech Is a member of Binzomah Group of companies and is considered the technology arm of the group. Binzomah Tech was purposely established to work in the modern technology sector and to realize the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s vision of continuous development utilizing the highest technology and renewable energy standards.

Today Binzomah Tech has a highly trained, qualified and hardworking team. This Team is trained to support full system integration, and achieve a high success for projects of all sizes (small, medium and large), and in several sectors (governmental, public and private). Binzomah Tech solutions cover information and communication technology, security engineering solutions and low current solutions.

Binzomah group is considered one of the pioneering groups in the region, and one of the few early commercial and development organizations that had a major impact and contribution in developing the strategic infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the gulf region and the Arab world. The group engages in a wide range of activities including commercial, industrial, real estate and technology. The group rich legacy goes back to 1960 . Binzomah today owns many entities, among them are the following strategic pillars: Binzomah Tech Company ,Binzomah International Trade and Development, Makka Water “SAFA”, South Water Factory “Mozn”, Binzomah and Samhan Factory for Pumps Production, Binzomah Real Estate Investments, Binzomah Foods, Almazalv Bricks Factory, Binzomah limited, The National Company for Medical Services, Saudi Pallets Company.