e-Learning Solution :

eduArabia is an education development firm based in Amman – Jordan. Our services cover a wide range of education development activities with a focus on the proper use of technology and research-supported teaching and learning practices, aspiring a real impact on educational institutions as well as individuals, and authentic improvement of the overall quality of outcomes.

With a vision of being a trusted world-class education development firm; with pronounced impact on teaching and learning, our strategic intent focuses on a work system rather than targets, thus creating a learning organization that creates capabilities and exploits opportunities to better serve education at all levels and impact the provision of high quality learning that drives change and progress.

eduArabia provides its services for Higher Education, K-12, and Corporates.

The major body of services we propose for higher education institutions focuses on eLearning and covers:


  • eLearning Capacity Development .
  • eLearning Consultation .
  • People Development .
  • Online Programs Development .
  • eLearning Production .
  • Educational Solutions Design and Innovation .